Brightening Christmas for low-income families for over 30 years

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Christmas Hamper

The Program supplies a decorated Hamper (box) filled with all the ingredients to prepare a delicious healthy Christmas turkey dinner. The children in the families are not forgotten; in addition to the Hamper, each family is given toys to put under the tree. Our valuable Christmas Hamper Program continues to grow, helping financially vulnerable families and individuals in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

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To receive a Christmas Hamper, please register online by clicking and filling out the Application Form or in person at our location on 2415 Maynard Street prior to December 7, 2022. Please bring your photo ID and proof of address with you.

Parker Street is grateful for our donors, volunteers and partners that will be bringing joy to families this year at Christmas. The Turkey Club provides turkeys, radio station Q104 along with the Halifax Professional Firefighters Association operate the toy drive, the Halifax Forum donates the building space and the Bedford Institute of Oceanography’s employees volunteer their time to assemble the food Hampers.

Click on the Donate Now button and select Christmas Hamper Program.
Any funds received over and above the budget of any program will be used where needed most.
For more information about Parker Street’s Christmas Hamper Program, please email or call (902) 425-2125 Ext. 4767

Christmas Sponsorship

Our Christmas Sponsorship program is meant for families who are in need of a little extra help this holiday season. Families can submit their Christmas wish lists through this program, and a secret sponsor Santa will purchase and wrap the Christmas gifts for them. These sponsored gifts will be picked up or delivered with the family’s Christmas Hamper. Please note that not every application will be able to be approved, and those not approved will still receive some toys with the Christmas Hamper.

How can you help brighten Christmas for those in need?

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We hope that you will take a moment to think about those who have fallen on hard times and could use your support especially during this pandemic. Below is our Christmas Catalog with “Gifts that Make an Impact”. Please consider choosing one of our Gifts that Make an Impact by donating at your earliest convenience.

To become a Secret Santa or Christmas Family Sponsor, simply contact our Director of Client Services, Brigitte MacInnes, at or (902) 377-4762.
All we require is that the Sponsor includes their budget and how big of a family they are able to support.

Christmas Wishlist

Make Christmas great for a Family in need

If you would like to gift specific items, please let us know in the message box on the donation form.

Wish List

Sponsor a Christmas Hamper for a family in need! Each hamper includes a full turkey dinner (regular, halal and vegetarian options are available)

    • A donation of $80 supports one small family
    • A donation of $175 supports one large family
  • Toddler trike – $100
  • Book sets – $30
  • Double step stool – $45
  • Convertible car seat – $250
  • Toddler blanket – $20
  • Highchair – $100
  • Little utensils – $30
  • Umbrella – $20
  • Potty training seat – $45
  • Safety locks – $25
  • Building blocks – $40
  • Marvel Titan Hero Series Action Figure – $75
  • Various toys – $50
  • Pajamas – $15
  • Tops – $20
  • Pants – $20
  • Winter coat – $50
  • Boots – $40
  • Bathing supplies – $30
  • Playdough sets – $10
  • Drawing mat – $25
  • Colouring kit – $20
  • Tickets to the Discovery Centre – $15 per ticket
  • Scooter – $55
  • Barbie doll – $60
  • Crayola Kid’s Wooden Easel, Dry Erase Board – $80
  • Art case – $30
  • Washable drawing crayons – $20
  • Hand puppet making kit – $30
  • Play vehicles – $50
  • Educational games – $100
  • Puzzles – $30
  • DC/Marvel comic books – $15
  • Games – $50
  • Soccer balls, basketballs, footballs – $25 per ball
  • Pajamas – $35
  • $50 gift card to a game store or clothing store
  • $25 gift card to a game store or clothing store
  • Movie tickets – $20
  • Bikes – $300
  • Skateboards – $30
  • Winter jacket (Boy) – $100
  • Winter jacket (Girl) – $100
  • Shirt (Boy) – $20
  • Boots (Girl) – $50
  • Rain boots (Boy) – $50
  • Fleece hoodie – $30
  • Hair accessories – $15
  • Art supplies – $30
  • Sleds – $35
  • $25 gift cards
  • $50 gift cards
  • Makeup (eyeshadow and lip gloss, things that work for a variety of skin tones) – $20
  • Self-care kits (shampoo, face masks, face wash, body wash) – $35
  • A donation of $140 sponsors 1 family-sized food box through Parker Street’s Food Services Program.
  • A donation of $200 to the Parker Street Emergency Assistance Fund can help heat a family’s home this winter.
  • A donation of $400 sponsors a Parker Street food donation bin. One full bin is equal to more than 12 food boxes in weight. Donation bins can be placed at community centres, apartment buildings or office lobby areas.
  • A donation of $500 sponsors one week of Parker Street’s Food and Furniture Delivery Services.
  • Turkey roasting pans
  • Toiletries

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You can donate while you shop for groceries!

There are specially marked non-perishable donation bins
for Parker Street at select HRM Atlantic Superstores