Meet the Parker Street Family!

Dr. Denise Daley

Executive Director

Peter McPherson

Logistics Manager

Megan Paquette

Food Manager

Sonah Leahey

Director of Client Services

Vaughn McLeod

Driver and Furniture Repair

Romaine Rhoden

Director of Donor Relations

Tracy Gray

Food Program Coordinator

Mikaela O’Regan

Furniture Coordinator

Laura Smith

Client Services Assistant

Team Members Not Pictured:


Hilda Gmzy
Cindy Greenwood
Charlotte Hartling
Stuart Morash
Geoff Moretto
Jesse Neilson
Janet Niyonkuru
Tracy O’Connor
Tony Owoloja
Rene Sharan
Hollie Uffindell

Thrift Store Clerk
Chief Financial Officer
Thrift Store Clerk
Thrift Store Clerk
Driver’s Assistant
Thrift Store Clerk
Thrift Store Clerk
Thrift Store Clerk
Driver and Food Management Coordinator
Thrift Store Manager
Communications Coodinator