Help! We need a new truck!

Parker Street Food & Furniture Bank is in dire need of a new refrigerated truck to support the operations of our food and furniture pick up and delivery programs, which have been aiding low-income families and vulnerable individuals in the Halifax region since 1983.

We have had the 3 ton truck for over 15 years! With this truck we have been able to collect over 7,200,000 lbs of donated food, pick up over 15,000 pieces of furniture items, deliver food and furniture to over 5,000 families in need and much more.

As of September 21, 2021, Parker Street has received approximately $40,000 in donations. We still have a long way to go, but we are hopeful that you can get us there! Please consider supporting this project by donating here or calling 902-377-4772.

Thank you very much for your donation to Parker Street Food & Furniture Bank’s New Truck Fund and your continued support for our community.

With love, the Parker Street Food & Furniture Bank Team

A new refrigerated truck will be a vital part of the services we provide to people in the Halifax Regional Municipality. This truck will help us supply our low- and fixed-income community members with a high quality, balanced and nutritious range of foods and ensure that our donated products are handled and transported safely. It would also be instrumental in helping us pick up and secure large food donations from wholesalers that would otherwise be hesitant to donate to us due to lack of refrigeration capabilities, deliver food to our clients, pick up furniture donations and deliver furniture to those needing a fresh start.

Here at Parker Street, we depend on our trucks to meet the needs of those vulnerable members of our community.