Laura – Our Very Own Superhero

Today we’re highlighting one of our very own superheroes – Laura! Laura has worked at Parker Street Food & Furniture Bank since February and plays many roles in helping our clients, volunteers and staff. She is always eager to help a client schedule an appointment for a food box, food delivery or offer them emergency help on overdue power bills. We also depend on Laura to prepare reports, help with the sorting of donated food items and work alongside volunteers preparing food boxes for clients… and so much more.

“I try to help out everybody,” Laura says. “I’ve been homeless before. I’ve had no food before. I’ve been lonely before. I’ve had no kids before. I’ve had absolutely nothing before. I know how that feels and I don’t want anybody to feel like that.” Her favourite thing about working at Parker Street is being able to help the people in her community every day. Laura brings her positive, work-hard attitude with her wherever she goes and brightens even the dullest of days. Her superpower is kindness. Thank you Laura for everything you do for Parker Street and the community. We appreciate you! #EmployeeAppreciation

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