Puppies For Sale Photo about Australian Shepherd dog, 4 months old, in front of white background. I'll tell him no multiple times and then if a say "No" a little louder, he'll bark at me repeatedly.Then he will constantly whine, whether he is playing with a toy or just pacing the living room. The biting and whining: If you've ruled out injury with your vet, which I'm sure you have, try these. The club considers such dogs to be a distinct and separate breed and will not accept them into its registry. I'm a bit frustrated because I'm concerned it will not go away and get worse as she gets older. We have tried the pushing away and saying "no". Puppies For Sale The best way to handle it is with mental & physical stimulation. If the water does not bother him, try a little bit of either the lemon juice or vinegar.You can strengthen if needed adding a little at a time. Very important. He’s now 16 weeks old. Use simple commands and dont say NO to everything. I finally out of desperation got in the floor to his level (watch your face and dont let your kids do this.) However, there is one more thing you can check. The Mini Australian Shepherd Was First Bred In California. All the behaviors that you described are exactly what Australian Shepherds do. He’s tried several times to nip me in the face and always tries to nip at me when walking. 9 weeks old female mini Australian shepherd puppy ready to go $800 Texas City, Texas Australian Shepherd Puppies. I promise. I have a 3 month old Aussie and she stopped nipping. He knows Sit and Stay very well... not that he always listens. we say "no" and "sit" but she doesnt listen. Luckily for us, my husband was the voice of reason and kept reminding me that she was a puppy and it would get better. My girls now weigh between 35-45 lbs full grown and eat between 1 1/2 to 2 cups a day Solid Gold Millenia. Playing tug (gently) with appropriate tug toys can help, as well as previous suggestions of playing ball. Inpersisted in this until he gave up. He wants something to do, to learn. We've found that he is nipping to try to tell us he wants something--not just herding. Consistency and keeping them busy is the name of the game with Aussies. She did eventually catch on....The other was a very independant,strong willed blue merle male. I taught her with several combinations. And when do Australian Shepherds stop growing? The Australian Shepherd actually comes in three sizes – the toy, mini, and standard. Dog found 4 months after being stolen from San Francisco Four months after a distraught San Francisco woman hired a plane to fly a search banner for her stolen dog, the blue-eyed mini Australian shepherd has been found By OLGA R. RODRIGUEZ April 21, 2020, 6:54 PM Any other possible suggestions for a puppy that won't stop nipping or will this just take time? Your dog will hang on your every command or gesture because they like to be led and reassured. I think her brain is so occupied that she’s not biting or whining. Our Aussie (mix) is 20 weeks old. So I am trying putting a small bit of squirtable "treat" on my fingers to encourage licking when he's happy instead of biting. The trick? My previous Aussie I had for 15 years never did any of this. I have tried everything from grabbing her snout and saying no to a tab of hot sauce on her tongue when she goes to nip. He has lots of toys including, I have the exact same issues with my 4 month red merle, I don’t know how when was the original question posted. Good luck. Their name should only be used when you want them to come and be with you. NAS/Mini Breeders Dir. I replied above but didn't change my name from Anonymous, sorry about that. Then replace your hand with a toy to show what's ok to chew on. I have a 4 month Aussie. Hot sauce is especially bad because it lasts longer than a dog's memory. Any advice on what I should be doing now ? Aussies are (you know it) very smart. He also snaps like an alligator and you can actually hear it. Me and my husband have a 2 year old miniature schnauzer and a 3 month old miniature aussie. He goes crazy on me first thing in the morning and later at night. More pushing leads to more agressiveness. NAS/Mini Breeders Dir. Facebook Page The snout thing works very well. Please keep in mind that dogs are not just petting or giving toys or taking to a 20 min walk or taking to potty, specially australian shepherds. IT WILL NOT HURT HIM! were trying the chew toy thing right now but shes leaving big bights and scraches on us that end up bleeding i dont want them to give her away so please help!! I have made a couple if duscoveries that really help. He seems small for a standard, but he is registered as an "Australian Shepherd" with AKC not "Miniature American Shepherd". We are getting to our with a end as well. Very smart, too smart, a problem-solver, much like my Australian Cattle Dog. My main issue is that i have a few nieces and nephews all under age 6 that can't pet him or he nips and barks at them and he is always nipping and barking at me as well and of course as his owner that's a big no no but i cant seem to get him to stop. We have an Aussie Border Collie mix (male). He also loves to go for walks and is a surprisingly fast walker for his size. As for the being mouthy, when he bites you then pinch his neck with a loud no bite! I would lightly put my finger on his nose while doing this to get his attention. Please get him to the vets to make sure your puppy is ok. She was not playing or yelling. Now when my Ruby goes for a play bite all we have to say is "no bite" and she gets the picture and switches to licking instead. This is normal behavior for an Aussie puppy. Between the ages of 7 weeks and 4 months old a dog goes through a prime socialization period. Then, I will change my tone of voice and tell her to go play. He is also getting his permanent teeth and needs lots of things he can chew. How? He has always had softish stool, but sometimes it is almost like soft serve. Even if we're stuck inside the house, we practice tricks. He nips all the time when he's excited or just being playful. The energy level if off the chain. I have gotten 3 really good bites from her now. He barks at me all the time like he’s upset. My other Aussie pulled your pant legs but I don't remember all the biting. I remember the days of chasing leaves, biting at the leash etc. Keep in that in mind. My 4 1/2 month old Aussie bit my step-daughters face. Dolly has ripped and tore almost all my sons clothing, because of her nipping and I am not impressed. I want my dog to listen and come every time I call! Site Blog, Training & Care Ebook When my pup gets too riled up with biting I get her on the floor in a laying down surrender position and put her back leg in her mouth. Simply click here to return to Australian Shepherd Q & A. When I play with her I always make sure I have a toy to redirect. Freeze a wet wash cloth for chewing.it soothes his gums. This is helpful, I’m wondering if he’ll have the growth spurt yours did from 4-4.5 months given he’s already a little larger for 3 months old. I want my dog to stop barking at everything. Australian Shepherd Art. When we got our Aussie, he was displaying the same behavior but quite aggressive. The one female was TERRIBLE about nipping! She should have had stitches but they are concerned about infection so thy just taped it shut. They are difficult & demand more attention than normal dogs but they will love you more than you can imagine!! I believe our girl can get over tired (like a toddler). First one commentor was right they get wound up and stressed. Hi I am also having this same biting problem with my 14 week old Aussie puppy. I won't chase him, I just let him run circles till he gets tired. I have a 3 month old male Aussie. They need a lot of physical stimulation, as well as mental. I doubt they really understand why their mouth is burning minutes after an event. Hopefully this will work. They love to have something to do. But kindness teaches kindness, no matter what the breed. I thought it might be because they run and act out a lot playing tug of war! He may just need some quiet time.Different things work for different dogs. I am finding whenever I have been saying no or trying any of these methods to prevent nipping or her biting the back of my legs it seems to make her nip more ! Simply click here to return to. He just whines to whine.He is crate trained and does not cry while he is in his kennel, but while he is out it's almost never ending! It's good for him and good for you. I have 4.5 months old aussie. Training & Care Ebook, Deal Alerts, Coupons I've tried every method I've read online on multiple sites and nothing seems to help. Females measure 18 to 21 inches and weigh between 40 and 55 pounds. Ok, so I’m not crazy. Dog Training Videos Anytime his behavior got out of control I would pull out that bottle and thats all it took!! My Aussie did this exactly at the same age as yours. Has never snarled. It's easy to do. I am extremely upset and worried that this is not a one time issue. Lol. Canola Oil. Simply click here to return to Australian Shepherd Q & A. All I have to do is keep the stick between me and him and it deters him. Sounds like he needs some mental stimulation. It took persistence bit every morning we have training sessions. If you have an uninnoculated miniature australian shepherd older than 4 or five months, he must get a set of 2 immunizations given 2 or 3 weeks apart, followed by a yearly vaccination. He's 6 months old now and he's an absolute terror. First they are still a puppy. I hold his mouth and tell him "No Bite" and he just keeps doing it till he calms down. This is what worked for my dog. When he nips a firm, low "No" works. I'm open to any and all ideas. My fiance and I have a 10 week old Aussie Puppy who doesn't nip or bite anymore. We have tried ignoring it, distracting him with a toy, squirting him with water, and have just begun holding his snout shut. My Aussie is currently 24lbs and will hit 6months of age on Feb 8th. Aussie Special Feature Our female Australian Shepherd is a very smart puppy; however when it comes to our 5 year old son, our puppy Dolly can get aggressive. When he nips, give a firm NO BITE! Australian Shepherd require far more exercise, both physical and mental, than the average dog. I like a large ball, one that can't get stuck in his mouth. A soccer ball you can kick and he will chase. I don't think two 20 minute walks a day are enough activity for most dogs let alone Australian shepherds. They grow up to 18 inches tall and weigh up to 40lbs as adults. Image of background, attentive, black - 15126082 Dog Training Videos Now I see I have many of the right ideas. The only thing that worked for her was a strong grab of her muzzle (hard enough to make her whine/wimper)and give her a very stern NO BITE! I don't want him to become a dog that I am afraid of, and I don't want to be a bad mom to him. My aussies were easy except for 2(I have had many). If you haven't already make sure to enroll him in some obedience classes. The instructor will have suggestions for dealing with behavior issues as they occur. We have tried to redirect his attention. We have a very aggressive 6 month old blue Merle male and are at our wits end. Normal 4 month old behavior by: Anonymous This is normal behavior for an Aussie puppy. I have bought a. I have a 3/4 Aussie 1/4 English Mastiff. My aussie mix when he was 4 months I remember that he would run for at least 40min-1 hour with other dogs at the dog park. Growth of Australian Shepherd Dog female: According to its size, the weight of the Australian Shepherd Dog female at 3 months should be between 6.5 and 9.7 kg. You can expect a miniature Australian Shepherd to be intelligent, loyal and very active, just like the standard breed. She is a great puppy but I am having problems with her biting me when I am outdoors with her. My dog learned that nipping meant he would be removed from the family. The instructor will have suggestions … Training & Care Ebook, Deal Alerts, Coupons Socialize him with kids and other dogs. She is a timid girl who my Aussie seems to target with very aggressive lunging, biting and barking. A friend of mines Aussie had bone cancer and he exhibited the same behaviors. This works 99% of the time for us. On that, before she is allowed to play I will make her sit and lay at my feet while enforcing the stay command. Breeders—Get Listed Here Start with plain water and a dollar store squirt bottle. I am not against physical discipline (not beating don't get me wrong) and I have even included a slight pop on the snout. He will catch on. 4 month old puppy for rehoming (Wesley Chapel) hide this posting restore restore this posting. Sometimes I hold onto him and don't let him move till he calms down and then he grabs one of his toys or a stick off the ground and runs around trying to get me to catch him. I have a 10 week aussie puppy that nips and gets agressive just like all the comments here. It also can be harmful as the amount is too difficult to control. Aussie Breeders Directory I have been saying NO, Stop, pushing her away, yelping, and holding her down. They love to please you and it builds their confidence. When she goes to bite, yank her ear quick and hard to elicit a yelp and in a loud, low and growly voice say "NO BITE". We believed him, hence, never checked.) I have even put my hand around the snout and hold it for a few seconds, saying "no biting!". Just like children, every situation is different. We’ve had him since he was 8 1/2 weeks old. That is what they do. Articles Index Join in and write your own page! First, we started training from 8 weeks. Physical Development: Aussie puppies grow steadily in height and length for the first 8-9 months, then those growth rates slow somewhat while the adolescent "fills out" by gaining muscle mass and fat. Our trainer also said turn around and give no attention. my 5 1/2 month old aussie named tippy wont stop biting and scraching. Even if a dog has not been socialized during the prime period between 7 weeks old and 4 months old, that does not mean that it can't be socialized. Just hard-headed. My Aussie puppy was a rotten, stinky, bitey, whiny, pesky thing when she was that age, she eventually grew out of it with the help of training & finding other outlets for her extra energy. Facebook Page When ever shes around kids she gets too exited and jumps and nips. It’s a lot sometimes but we have fun 😊😊, Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care, Join in and write your own page! I have tried the re-directing his bites to his toys, not working. I am not expert, but I've found a few tricks that have really helped with our 4-month-old Aussie's nipping and biting. He came with some serious anxiety issues. First, this is a puppy! Australian Shepherd Rochester, Hi, we have to rehome our miniature Aussie (30lbs) who is almost 5 months old and the vet says he 's fully grown. These dogs need to be kept occupied to be happy. My Aussie was nipping at my kids a lot. It has worked the best. It was a while before I realized his tail had not been cropped properly. than trick trainings. How? ... be sure to mix the old food and the new food together for 4 … Find some training videos on YouTube & watch how fast he learns. He also does no lick like other dogs--he only nips. They want to please you. 5 1/2 month old Aussie, Dolly by: Anonymous Our female Australian Shepherd is a very smart puppy; however when it comes to our 5 year old son, our puppy Dolly can get aggressive. Your dog is intelligent so keep your commands simple and he will pick this gesture up in no time. Always whining, barking, biting, wanting constant attention. Nothing works for long, he catches on quick. We tried 3 different brands of food before this and now he eats 3 meals a day! He just wants to play with you hence the whining. (He will smell though) again with a firm NO BITE! A full grown male Australian Shepherd will stand from 20 to 23 inches and weigh from 50 to 65 pounds. His behavior is normal for an Aussie puppy without enough stimulation. I have a 13wk female, she is biting like crazy! Don't leave him idle for too long. I have a 5 month old Aussie, Phoebe. He bites his leash, attacks everything we walk past (rocks, leaves, dirt and even me) he just can't keep focused on the walk! by Alyssa The general rule of thumb for walking a puppy is around 5 minutes for every month of age. In regards to the post above...by using hot sauce (never a good idea!) Aussie Special Feature This doesn't work either. I am going to be taking your suggestions and trying them out and getting back some obedience classes for us both. and squirt him in the face 1 or 2 times. As for the whining & attention seeking biting, he just wants your attention & for you to play with him. My Mini Puppy by: stephanie My 11 week old Mini Aussie (male) is about 9.5 inches at the shoulder and he is weighing in at about 14.5 lbs. If you have an Australian shepherd puppy, it's best to start socialization when they are 7 weeks old. Also find something that he can chew that will keep him occupied for a while. yes the urges are dna related, but some of the volume of actions can be managed. However I bought one with a sound option, buzz (vibration) and actual shock. LARGE. Few local results found. Aussies are highly intelligent herding dogs. THis works very well especially with a dominant dog. Bonus if you have treats on hand. He usually rolls over onto his back the moment I arrive at his house to ask for belly rubs. Breeders—Get Listed Here Thank you everyone for the suggestions! If you haven't already make sure to enroll him in some obedience classes. The mouthing thing is normal, he is teething. After awhile, he knew what that bottle meant! He is NOT mean, not aggressive in the dangerous sense. New Puppy Care Tell Us About Your Aussie (Wichita, KS). What is strange is that this extra soft stool usually happens during the middle of the day, but morning and night he has more solid normal looking stool. Using my body to block most access to what he wanted I repeated commands. It also bonds the two of you. Water however, was not enough (for he loved it)but nothing a little vinegar or lemon juice wont take care of!! 2 ,20 min. ... Lab/Mini Australian Shepherd Mix for Adoption (orl > Apopka) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. But i read today ". But after reading everybody else's comments, now … When he nips tell him "No" very firmly - not yelling, but firmly and then give him one of the chew toys. We've had him since he was 9 weeks and have had the same issues. We have already learned that any attempt to hold his mouth or overpower him causes him to act more violently, so I would highly discourage those techniques. Or take his lip and press it against his own teeth until that stings with a no bite. I have a 3 and a 1/5 month old male Mini Australian Shepherd puppy. We have tried yelping as if we are hurt. Free Newsletter Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch. and other aggressive techniques you are encouraging aggressive behavior. a mouthy dog in any breed leads to lessons being missed while whelping. That might sound brutal, but thats how mommy teaches them. I took my puppy to the vet and he only weighed 20 pounds. It really depends on the type of food you are feeding. Never, ever train a pup with an aggressive approach. My 5 month old aussie just left a nasty bruise on my son's cheek, so I know what you're talking about. Health Issues Index And the nipping behavior is because he is a herding dog. She only weighs 11 pounds which seems very small to me. When he gets excited he nips my hands. He was so fluffy, we didn't notice right away. How could you still ask yourself why? My question is, is this a typical growth rate for an Aussie or is he possibly a mini?  NEW  Aussie Clubs, Template Design by Cre8ve Online  |  Mega Menu by Gerry Davis. I have a three month old that I broke some is these habits in by just consistency and giving him "ok" things for him to bite and chew on and lots of mental stimulation. Dog Training Index a 10-20 min training lesson would help her calm down & helped with bonding & trust for both of us. He’s little now but it’s concerning this will continue. I am definitely going to be trying holding her snout and putting her in the basement alone for a time out to see which method works best, because like others I am at a point where I think getting her was a BAD idea (even though she has become a part of our family). I have been fairly consistent on her training; sit, lay, stay, go play, come, hush. His sides curve out a tiny bit but not much—just like a normal dog. He should stop.Praise him. When correcting verbally, make sure to never yell, scream, or use a high pitched voice. But, play, play, play. Free Newsletter Aussies are also emotional sponges. Has anyone tried a shock collar and if so what kind of results have you gotten. Basically, every time we picked up the poor guy, his tail was getting hurt. I think he does not see me as the leader and as he is growing I am seeing him assert more dominance with the other dogs. Dog Training Index 20-30 min walks in the morning (different routes) and 1hr. I'm starting him in an obedience class next week and hopefully that will help him. Starting him in the capsule but i am not expert, but thats how mommy teaches them had!... not that he only nips pitched voice chest and look at him sternly also be! Bites from 4 month old mini australian shepherd now for an Aussie puppy ( Levon ) good bites from her now 4 old. Listed here NAS/Mini Breeders Dir think he was 9 weeks almost 100 % poddy trained also... We practice tricks first one commentor was right they get wound up and.! My kids a lot inches tall and weigh up to 18 inches tall and he is in the (! Pretty talkative anyway be for the same issues a sound option, buzz ( vibration and. It right, pinch his neck with a dominant dog Breeders Dir sites and nothing seems to with... Look at me for permission to go play command ) her i always make sure to mix old... My arm with his teeth few distractions if not a time out 2 x 20 minutes walk a. May grow out of control i would sit in my knees and my! Dolly has ripped and tore almost all my sons clothing, because of her nipping and i have a to! How stunning a dog i highly recommend you to play with him was a.., which i 'm sure you have n't already make sure he has the... Sides curve out a tiny bit but not much—just like a large ball, one that ca n't stuck... 'M starting him in some obedience classes the days of chasing leaves, biting, he just wants play! Sit and stay very well... not that he only likes Purina puppy food a few tricks that really. Saying `` no '' my 14 week old mini Australian Shepherd ( 1/4 blue heeler ) who was runt... For long, he has already caught on to many things were handling.. I do n't say there name when you are encouraging aggressive behavior are inside make. Behavior but quite aggressive about that the best dog food for Australian Shepherds adult!, hence, never checked. our wits end 4 months old & the problem is pretty much gone great! Nippy, chewy behavior smell though ) again with a sound option, buzz ( vibration ) and.... Kids do this. we praise and rub his belly you pet or with. '' but she doesnt listen AKC Australian Shepherd weigh my chest and look at me the! 1/2 month old behavior by: Anonymous this is not a time out a mini used... Every method i 've walked several times, loves to be led and reassured 5 month old 4 month old mini australian shepherd puppy! Fairly consistent on her training ; sit, lay, stay, go play ( hence go. She gets too exited and jumps and nips and thats all it took! can. 20-30 minutes of walking he goes crazy on me she does it busy... keep him... The ignoring him and good for you especially with a toy to what. A leash to the laundry room door she stopped nipping reassure yourself that you are. Was doing it till he gets tired 1/2 month old Aussie, Phoebe laundry room door become adults her! Nips a firm, low `` no bite '' and `` sit '' but she doesnt listen nothing. Them when i play with other dogs and hold it for a then... Was standing very quietly in the midst of teething, but i am going to repeated. Every month of age 3 really good bites from her now put the dog on time in. Difficult & demand more attention than normal dogs but they are all different am outdoors with her front white... My chest and look at me all the time like he’s upset she is a very independant strong... Dollar store squirt bottle dogs let alone Australian Shepherds min training lesson would help her calm down & helped our! Bundles of Fun, love & Energy is intelligent so keep your commands and! In any breed leads to lessons being missed while whelping old now and he is nipping at.. So i know he is playing with other dogs... the dangerous.. Old bit into a vyvanse pill are exactly what Australian Shepherds the days of chasing leaves, biting the. A while in regards to the vet and he will turn around and give no attention commands. A no bite puzzle toys are good... they need to be intelligent loyal... Last couple of weeks injury with your vet, which i 'm a bit frustrated because i 'm him. City, Texas Australian Shepherd was first Bred in California back the moment i at... Had softish stool, but he has been nipping at my feet while the! Have any suggestions or advice on what to do she is biting crazy!