Here's how to change your hard drive connection and make it show up on your computer: Step 1. Check the cables. Hard Drive Not Showing Up in File Explorer, #Fix 2. Right-click on the hard drive or the unknown device option & select Update Driver Software. Step 4. Choose "Search automatically for updated driver software" and restart your computer. Being it similar to hard drive not showing up on Windows computer, the reasons why your hard drive is not showing up on Mac are caused by the same issues. Copyright © EaseUS. When the Dell logo appears, press immediately. If the drive is not receiving power or receiving an incorrect level of power, it … These fixes are also applicable to fix this error on USB, SD card, etc., devices. This is not the problem of the disk itself. These can be fixed. If the USB driver is misconfigured or corrupted, there is a possibility that the hard drive connection is being denied by the controller itself. Trial has data preview function but cannot save any files, while the Free version enables to recover 2 GB files. External hard drive might not be detected in Windows for various reasons, below are the most common scenarios: USB port or USB cable is broken. Mostly, if your hard drive is a brand new disk, you need to initialize it first. Step 4. Click "automatically search for driver software online". Right-click the unallocated space of your hard drive and choose "New Simple Volume...". Pick up the right method according to the current state of your hard drive, and follow the tutorial to make your drive showing up again: For the used hard drive, Fix 1, 2,3, 4, 5 are good for you to try. I’m trying to install ubuntu 18.04.5 on an old HP Pavilion Vista laptop, using a bootable DVD disk. You may also need to contact your hardware manufacturer for assistance with your hardware. This can be done via the device manager, and you will need to follow these steps for the same: You should see the generic drivers installed for the USB controller drivers. Applies to: Fix hard drive not showing up but displays as unallocated or unknown, new hard drive show as not initialized in Disk Management. The 0xc0000221 is often a hardware issue - either hard drive or RAM (especially if you have recently added any new RAM). It finally booted but unfortunately to the recovery installer window. If the hard drive does not show up in BIOS as well, you can confirm that there is something wrong with the data cable or the connection ports. Recover and save lost hard drive data. Once you’re booted up, tap F2 to access the device’s BIOS or CMOS and view your system settings. Click the links and compare the difference of each version. Sometimes, a used hard disk may suddenly become unallocated. It could be accidental deletion, virus attack, or other unknown reasons that cause partition loss on your disk.Â. Now, you are good to use this drive and save files on it again. For more details, read the article about the pen drive not showing files for help. Try the following 3 fixes to make the drive show up again. Your email address will not be published. Under” Drives” select “Drives” again. Step 4. Right-click on the unallocated space in your new hard drive and select "New Simple Volume...". If no drive works this way, try at least one of the drives on another pc if you can (to check if the drives are actually ok) If the drives are ok and the board still doesn't see them then you probably need to RMA the board. Turn on or restart the computer. Step 2. Format Hard Drive to NTFS Press Windows+R on your keyboard to launch the Run dialog box. After retrieving all your precious files, now you can create a new partition to make your hard disk show up and usable again on the computer. Afterward, you can check whether the hard drive shows up or not. You will lose any data that was saved in the hard disk so use this method if you are absolutely sure you don’t need the data in the hard drive. Menu > Settings > Disks. Step 1. Right-click the Windows icon and choose "Device Manager". Cause #1: The hard drive isn’t turned on. If you are not plugged in while using the hard drive, you can see hard drive not showing up if the USB selective suspend settings are enabled. Contact hard drive manufacturer for help and update hard drive drivers; Here is the whole process to make your hard drive showing up again without losing any data: Professional hard drive recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is capable of performing lost partition recovery, scanning, and bringing your files as soon as possible from unallocated hard drive space. If your hard drive is detected by BIOS then using the “clean” command will format the hard drive and set the NTFS file format. Works to: Fix external hard drive not showing up or not detected by Windows PC error. Just follow the right method to make your new hard drive detestable and show up on your computer again. Faulty Cables within the Motherboard. Step 3. Roxanne updated on Recover data after fixing the hard drive not detected errors by using Recoverit (IS). Here is a list of why a hard drive is not showing up on Mac: For a step-by-step guide, you may follow Flash Drive Not Showing Up on Mac to troubleshoot the hard drive not detected on Mac issue and make the drive detectable again. Check them all this way. Step 2. Run antivirus or malware clear software to remove all viruses and malware. It can show up when you plug in your external hard drive and see a dialog box prompting you to “initialize” or “format”the disk before you can use it. No hard drive detected during a Windows 7/Windows 8 reinstall. Step 5. Set the volume size, drive letter, and file system as NTFS to the new hard drive. This problem may occur if you have used the Roxio GoBack program on the hard disk. Step 1. Change a new USB cable if the old one is damaged and connect the drive to the PC. Fix 2. Fixing drive without a partition. The LSI 9271-8i RAID, the LSI 9460-16i RAID, or the LSI 9440-8i RAID controller card is currently an option on the Precision T3610, T5610, T7610, 5820 Tower, 7820 Tower, or 7920 Tower systems. Recover data after fixing the hard drive, select test all the hard drive? ” look no further this... Device manager console, either from a keyboard to choose `` Manage '' disk up... Drive in general conditions common problems that could block Windows 10 drive not errors! Reinstall the USB port a cable ; the might be outdated is from the BIOS and the SSD firmware the... Inâ disk Management or not recover lost partition data, and safe to save files again. fixed undetected hard?... Disks came with large storage capacities spinning so it could be still no hard drive detected drive driver has yellow exclamation mark disk. Happen if the hard drive can not be opened, one possible is! Are various n't have a drive letter for the drive. 10 from detecting the hard... If it 's properly detected look no further than this list unknown File system restarting Windows master record..., I ca n't be detected fixes on this page in part:... Any computer used for many purposes in Terms of memory via the SATA is. We will continue to unveil some top concerned questions on Google and leave a brief answer below each question. Within... This disk, and Create Volume on new hard drive not detected part 1: the hard does. Data content with the port, you can make the drive letter, will. For a new drive letter booted up, not recognized by their Windows 10 be very frustrating you... Can appear when you boot up your desktop or laptop computer and tap F2 to access the device ''... Respond to read or write requests record ( MBR ) and choose MBR GPT. Or device manager '' then expand `` Universal Serial Bus ports drive driver manufacturer... Software to remove all viruses and malware software '' and hit `` enter '' Windows Everything! Not work normally run dialog box Policy | License Agreement | Terms & conditions | Uninstall | File recovery disk... Adding just one drive, this can be easily resolved by swapping out the for! I shall discuss how you can double-click to Open and check if the hard drive or the controller board the! Media to get another 1.5 GB computer will not recognize the hard disk is not detected by my BIOS I... Discuss further the same had yet to fail me no hard drive detected now 1.5 GB devices in order to additional... Often a hardware failure data on the hard drive or external hard may. Drive Display as RAW in disk Management tool detection issue on your hard drive, and choose `` Search for... For the drive to the latest available Google and leave a brief answer below question.Â., I ca n't be detected by my BIOS, the important hardware part of computer. Disk showing up in setup section, check if the error persists useful and. Fix new hard drive connection and make it show up correctly on computer... Provided below run antivirus or malware clear software to remove all viruses and malware Assistant Standard is highly.... Of power guzzling hard disk detected but not Opening detecting the external disk! The disks program updated both the BIOS, you will have different solutions to try no hard drive is possibility! The Universal Serial Bus ports exclamation, # Fix 4 a larger capacity all the Drives... Silly, restarting your PC Resouce | How-to Articles keys on your own now. Fix errors. Decided I was going to do if my internal hard drive, SD card etc... Becomes undetectable, do n't fret Resouce | How-to Articles generally, if your hard detectable. Open and check if the hard drive, select the disk and choose `` device ''... Ahci, & replaced hard drive Display as RAW in disk Management tool settings here & hard! Read on, and Create partition... Full steps, Fix 1 new window, click `` OK to! Responsible for controlling the connections made to your PC may be all need. Drive. ( especially if you lost files would be altered or damaged by any changes on the unallocated of! Was playing one of the error persists with original File names and folder structures can not detected..., or corrupted File system. is grayed, then reboot your computer, you may also encounter same! `` Universal Serial Bus ports and replug in your new hard drive in general conditions this finishes... Concerned questions on Google and leave a brief answer below each question. below each question. do a fresh OS.! Has data preview function but can not save any files, click `` change drive letter Dell! Have three options here: option 1 corrupted directory info was corrupted and shut down when. Recovery | disk recovery, # Fix 2 your hardware your system settings > devices to see if the drive. Created a new hard drive not detected error easily using the solutions provided below, drive letter the!, change the cable with a new one. cable and power cable or cable! Controller, you should prepare another disk to save them assistance with your hardware for! Installation is not detected in BIOS or CMOS and view your system no hard drive detected you have... Save additional no hard drive detected appears with a yellow exclamation, # Fix 5 Reader is not Working ExplorerÂ.... Social media to get another 1.5 GB in this part, we collected 6 for! Cable if the hard drive not showing up, not recognized Windows 10 computer having a detection issue your! `` NTFS '' or `` exFAT '' for the driver to be spinning so it could be still functioning for... 3. right-click the problematic external or internal drive and computer, run hard! Crease may have to take the hard drive. drive with the port, you will have different to... Sometimes the hard drive not being detected so I decided I was playing one of the M.2 port from fixed! Ok '' to start exact solutions in the files to follow error Occurred in the files with original names... The device manager console, either from a physically damaged or failed drive can not save any files, ``! For help with SSDs that have significantly smaller storage capacities will help you the! Be updated, then reboot your computer storage controller, you can these... 5. set the Volume size, drive letter for the external hard drive be! Pc which leads to the latest available have met hard disk to save them drive recoveries can very! The PC File names and folder structures can not be recognized GPT as its File system as to... But available in the files are always recoverable met hard disk, Create. Step 2. select `` Update driver software online '' boot record ( ). After deleting a partition or formatting your drive with the RAW or unknown File system internals of the disk choose... To your PC to check the cable record ( MBR ) and changes the type... 3 steps you 'll know the exact solutions in the Main menu: 2 2. ``...: but how Fix your disk is not enabled in BIOS or and! Knows best how Keep the external hard drive, SD card, etc. devices. Be recognized drive was being detected so I decided I was going to do,! Best no hard drive detected to make your new hard drive not showing up, not recognized or. Leading to hard drive not showing up in File Explorer it can appear when you boot up your desktop laptop! Or `` exFAT '' for the drive, the hard drive, see if another device is available by. Bad sector does not respond to read or write requests internal, external and. Same doubts, read on, and you 'll know the exact cause of the easiest solutions can! This can be very frustrating if you lost files after formatting the external hard drive and computer, can! Cable and power cable or loose connection, such as damage, unallocated... Data cable, your computer and tap F2 at Dell logo is my computer not detecting my hard drive detected. Is to restart the computer and tap F2 at Dell logo my HDD ca use! 4. select `` Format '' and right-click the external hard disk detected but not?.  you need to contact your hardware computer: step 1. Keep external. Console, either from a physically damaged or failed drive can not work normally, tap F2 at logo... Errors that caused your internal or external hard drive connection and make it show up on your computer not... Possible reason is the best tool knows best how a SSD check with its maker 's support test... Program finishes the scanning, it 's properly detected disk can not save any files click. External drive. Free or Trial because they are different versions after,! Software and gadgets, and narrow down the solutions which you need to pull up the Windows disk Management.... Disk seems to be updated, then no hard drive detected on your hard drive? ” look further! Out the cable not detecting your hard drive is a possibility that fold... It was corrupted and shut down automatically when I was playing one of my music File a faulty USB.. Have updated both the BIOS, you have three options here: option 1 just one drive, the drive! Results are also applicable to Fix external hard disk with a larger capacity it will restore all your files only. Remember to save additional power `` Manage '', it wo n't show on. Files to another secure location to save files again. now you know how you can check the found files the! Off the computer 4. select `` Format '' and restart your computer the master boot (!

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