Services and Programs


Computer Training

Traditional Christmas Dinner ProgramDue to a recent job layoff, I found myself at various career resource centres and at the uncomfortable age of 40. I was fortunate enough to have excellent upgrading resume/interviewing advice from professionals, one of whom, directed me to the Community Care Network. The 'Sweet Office Suite' 2003 Program is an excellent workshop for any individual, employed or not, wishing to upgrade their computer skills. I cannot thank you enough, Mel, for the potential opportunities you are providing to those wishing to upgrade and better themselves in today's ever changing and multi-tasking working environments. During the completion of my computer modules in the 'SOS' program, and the confidence I had built, I was successful in finding employment shortly thereafter in a professional administrative position in the downtown core. Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity you gave me.

Flooring Installation Program

Joe's parents had difficulty convincing their 22 year-old son to enroll in the Flooring Installation Course - because he feared failure so greatly. He had ADD and other learning disabilities, and his self-esteem had hit rock-bottom.. But after Joe (not his real name) graduated from the course, his mother wrote, "What this course did for my son was to provide him with the single most important educational experience of his life to this point, he knows now that he can pass a course, that he can learn, and that he can succeed. He has the skills to do things that he thought weren't possible for him and is empowered by the fact that he could learn it and retain it. If nothing were to come of this - but it will - this course made a massive difference in his life. This happened because you people believed in him and his classmates, no matter what their difficulties in life, you made them comfortable in an environment that allowed them to learn, and you are supporting them after." Joe is currently on a work placement and has received wonderful reviews from his employer. A full-time job is on the horizon and Joe is a changed man.

Food & Furniture Bank

One young mother, struggling to put herself through nursing school, is grateful to Parker Street Food & Furniture Bank for giving her food and furniture so that she and her 5 year-old son could survive. But she is most thankful that she now has a future, she can stand on her own, and she's with her son. She says she will never forget the people at Parker Street Food & Furniture Bank because "We are like a family now. The people here smile and call you by name, welcome you and go out of their way to help you when you need it most. Thank you."