About us

PARKER STREET FOOD AND FURNITURE BANK is the working name of the Community Care Network Society, based in Halifax Nova Scotia. We are dedicated to assisting those in need in HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality) requiring help to access basic necessities such as food, furniture and skills training. Donations fill many needs; above all, they bring hope into the lives of families who are struggling daily, year-round. Donations allow us to not only help individuals with these basic necessities but also to help them become self-sufficient by offering training programs that translate into work opportunities. Your support also allows us to provide financial assistance in cases where families or individuals need emergency supplies such as oil for their furnace, help with a power bill, and prescription medication.

Our Mission Statement

Recognizing the dignity and worth of every person, we pledge compassionate and practical action to overcome racism, poverty and injustice. We will work to build a caring community where all people, without regard to national origin or religious persuasion, may live in freedom, harmony and trust.

Our Goals

  • To improve the quality of life for families who come to us with proven needs. We provide the basic essentials necessary for reasonable living conditions, such as food, furniture and other household items. 
  • To assist clients in a pleasant, supportive environment where all people are treated equally without any prejudice towards race, ethnicity, language or religion.
  • To help those in need to be able to provide themselves with the tools to become self-sufficient.
  • To help people overcome obstacles preventing them from achieving their full potential through educational training and provision of the basic necessities of life, health and well-being.
  • To help relieve the financial burden, which will in turn, strengthen family life.
  • To support efforts to improve our environment by decreasing the amount of salvageable furniture entering landfill sites.